Sage 50 Accounting Software- An Overview

Sage 50 Accounting Software- An Overview

Sage 50 Accounting Software (formerly known as Peachtree Accounting Software) is an accounting system designed with small and medium-sized businesses in mind. It is one of the few accounting systems available that is not based entirely on the cloud.

If you prefer a hybrid cloud/desktop accounting solution, then Sage 50 is an option worth considering.

What Functions Does Sage 50 offer?

Sage 50

Sage 50 is fundamentally a desktop accounting solution that also has some cloud features. To use the product, you must download it and install it on a computer. The majority of the functions must be used on this machine, unlike cloud-based accounting software that may be used anywhere you have internet access.

The cloud component of Sage 50 acts as a data backup system. When transactions are recorded on the main desktop application, data is transferred to the cloud for safekeeping. With cloud backup, you can undo data entry errors by restoring the data to any particular date that you choose.

Functions of Sage 50 depend on the version of the software that you decide to purchase. The various versions include Sage50cloud Pro Accounting Software, Sage 50cloud Premium Accounting Software, and Sage 50cloud Quantum Accounting Software.

Sage50cloud Pro Accounting Software

Sage 50

Sage50cloud Pro is the most basic version. You'll have access to customer support, essential accounting tools, and various integrations. The key features include:

  • Tracking income and managing expenses
  • Invoice and bill tracking
  • Purchase order tracking and approval
  • Preparation of financial statements
  • Cash flow management
  • Expense management
  • Automated bank reconciliation
  • Accounts receivable and accounts payable monitoring
  • Customizable reports
  • General ledger reporting
  • Inventory management
  • Job management
  • Payroll oversight and entry
  • Fraud protection with Sage Security Shield, a solution designed to protect users from cybersecurity attacks

While Sage50cloud Pro Accounting Software has the necessary features to handle your business accounting, it is limited to only one user. If you operate a small business with a single accountant or perform the accounting yourself, it may be a good solution for you. If your business is larger, you may want to consider Premium or Quantum solutions.

Sage50cloud Premium Accounting Software

Sage50cloud Premium Accounting software offers all of the features that the Pro Accounting version does. However, you may order the software for up to 5 users, and there are a few additional features. These include:

  • Purchase orders and change orders
  • Multiple companies
  • Advanced budgeting
  • Advanced reporting
  • Serialized inventory tracking
  • Job costing
  • Audit trails

Sage50cloud Premium Accounting Software is especially useful for companies that are growing. The advanced reporting and budgeting features can provide better information when making business decisions, and serialized inventory tracking can assist with better management of your products.

If you are required to undergo a financial review or audit, the audit trail feature can be especially helpful when proving internal controls.

Sage 50

Sage50cloud Quantum Accounting Software

Sage50cloud Quantum Accounting Software is the most advanced product in the Sage 50 line. It can be used by up to 40 individuals, making it a beneficial option for companies of a larger size. In addition to the features offered by both Pro Accounting Software and Premium Accounting Software, there are a few others that come with the Quantum package.

  • Role-based user permissions
  • Faster processing
  • Order process workflow
  • Workflow management

These features can come in handy when you have a larger accounting department and need to segregate duties among employees. It also allows for stricter internal controls, which is important if your company regularly undergoes financial compliance reporting measures.

What Are the Advantages of Sage 50?

There are a number of advantages to using Sage 50.

Desktop and Cloud-Enabled

For those who prefer an accounting solution that is desktop-friendly, Sage 50 may be a good option.

Most accounting solutions for small businesses have moved to the cloud, so finding an option that is primarily desktop-based is difficult. However, Sage 50's cloud hybrid model enables users to access their data when needed from another connection and also allows for data backup that can be used when there are data processing errors.


Advanced Features

The advanced features of Sage50 allow for greater reporting options, budgeting tools, workflow management, and audit trails.

These tools are typical for more advanced accounting software solutions, so having them in Sage50 can be quite useful. If you choose the Quantum option, you'll have access to a number of enterprise features that are generally found in top-of-the-line ERP systems such as NetSuite.

Pricing Discounts

If you choose to pay for the system for the whole year in advance, you'll be able to save approximately 20% off the pay-by-month plan. This discount can provide significant savings to those who have the funds to pay in advance and know they will continue using the system.


Industry-Specific Customizations

Another key feature of Sage 50 is the industry-specific customizations it offers. If your business operates in the accounting, construction, professional services, or retail industries, there are specific programs just for you.

For example, the accounting solution offers a client management feature that allows you to easily track your clients. Construction companies are able to track project costs using a special dashboard that includes job records, phases, and cost codes.

What Are the Disadvantages of Sage 50?

While Sage50 offers a number of benefits, there are some disadvantages as well.

More Expensive than Other Solutions


If you operate a small or mid-sized business, there are other accounting solutions available that offer similar functionality for a lower price. The main difference will lie in the desktop functionality that Sage50 provides. The only other product that offers a desktop solution geared towards small businesses is QuickBooks Desktop.

If you choose the pay-by-month option for Sage50 Pro Accounting Software, prices are currently $56.08 per month. There is a 40% discount available for the first year, but prices will return to their normal amounts after the initial installation.

If you are inclined to take advantage of the discount and move to a cheaper system the following year, realize that implementation of new accounting software can be quite arduous.

Few Integrations

While some accounting software solutions offer lots of integration with third-party products, Sage 50 is limited in the available choices.

Integration of other software will involve additional costs, which is a significant drawback for those who use a number of third-party applications. Even integrating Microsoft Office with Sage 50 can be expensive — and difficult to manage.

If you use Microsoft Excel spreadsheets for managing specific accounting tasks, integrating Sage 50 may be necessary but will come at a price.

sage integrations

Not Suited for Small Businesses

While it may be user-friendly, Sage50 is not a great option for small businesses on a limited budget. There are other, less-expensive options available that offer similar functionality.

Sage 50 Pricing

Pricing for Sage50 products is listed below. Note that the prices listed are for one user only. Additional users will result in higher fees.

Sage50cloud Pro Accounting Software

New users are entitled to the first-year 40% discount of $340 annually or $33 per month.

For returning users, costs will be $567 annually or $56.08 per month.


Sage50cloud Premium Accounting Software

For new users, who are entitled to the first-year 40% discount, costs are $528 annually or $52 per month (one user).

For returning users, costs are $880 annually or $87.58 per month (one user).

Sage50cloud Quantum Accounting Software

For new users who are entitled to the first-year 40% discount, costs are $876 annually or $87 per month (one user).

For returning users, costs are $1,460 annually or $145.17 per month (one user).

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