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HappyAR is an ever-evolving toolkit that helps optimize your invoice collections process

As owners of professional services companies outside of HappyAR, we spend a lot of time rolling out features that have been battle-tested by our own accounts receivables teams and partner agencies. Because our mission is to help companies of all sizes collect on their outstanding invoices, this feature list will continue to expand as we hear more use cases and ways we can assist.


How happy can help you

A robust AR solution, built with intelligence

HappyAR was designed from the year and years we spent manually chasing invoices, trusting that the check was in the mail, and damaging some client relationships with scattered follow-up attempts. Now you can benefit from us getting our act together and building a platform out of those changes.

Seamless integrations

Forget double entry and redundant task. HappyAR connects directly with leading finance systems to share data in real time.

Visible omni-communication

Stop wondering if your notes are being received. We've built in real-time notification on message opens and forwards for multiple channels

Customizable sequences

Every action requires a unique follow-up task and our intelligent system allows you to modify pre-built workflows for your unique needs

Proven copy library

We make it easy to select and modify message copy that has worked for accelerating payments and our library is constantly expanding

Full team visibility

Not only will Finance Operations benefit from seeing the invoice collections workflow, so will the executive team, Sales, Legal, and others

Advanced reporting and audits

AR metrics are critical for making ongoing business decisions and HappyAR gives you even more insights to grow wisely

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Any company that sends invoices can use HappyAR. That's why we offer a simple price of $99/mo. for unlimited users and unlimited invoice escalations.

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We designed HappyAR to address our own improvements around invoice collections and decided to help others with the same

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