HappyAR's success is directly related to our ability to form and maintain strong relationships with the finance partner community

This is why from day one, we've made it a priority to work with the best technology and services companies that operate in our space. Our partnerships are formed to complement the existing value that these successful firms offer their clients. These are the three primary partnerships we offer. Select companies may qualify for one or more of these programs.

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Expand you offerings and impact

Agency partners

Bookkeeping and accounting firms can use HappyAR to help each of their clients get invoices paid faster. Use this to expand your existing offerings and generate more revenue while also strengthening the relationships with your customers. It's easy to start offering HappyAR.

Seamlessly connect and offer more value

Tech partners

Join a rapidly growing list of successful tech partnerships between HappyAR and some of the best FinTech providers in the world. If your solution helps support the finance function for clients, you can easily offer more value with AR automation by connecting with HappyAR.

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Generate new passive revenue

Reseller partners

We make it really easy to quickly refer a company that might be able to use HappyAR. We'll be listed on PartnerStack where you can quickly apply for our affiliate network. Once approved, tracking and payouts are fast and simple.

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We're committed to helping companies get their invoices paid faster. Learn about who we are and why we started HappyAR.

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