HappyAR maintains an extensive library of resources for partners and accounts receivable professionals.

It doesn't matter if you're currently a HappyAR client or still evaluating us - we want you to feel free to use our library of resources to help make the collection of invoices easier for you. Please check back frequently and follow us on social channels so you know when new items go live.

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We will be frequently updating a library of resources dedicated to helping accounts receivables professionals. Even if you are still evaluating HappyAR, we encourage everyone in Finance Operations to use these resources.

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We host our logos for affiliates, partners, and agencies for open use on our website. Check out this page frequently to see our newest updates.

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Any company that sends invoices can use HappyAR. That's why we offer a simple price of $99/mo. for unlimited users and unlimited escalated invoices.

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We started HappyAR after years of manually chasing invoices. Ditch the Post-It notes and learn why we're on this mission.

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