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We offer two great ways to generate revenue by partnering with HappyAR: reselling and referrals

If a company sends invoices, they can use HappyAR. Because of this, there are millions of businesses worldwide that can benefit from the faster payments and optimized accounts receivables that HappyAR offers. We can only reach so many of these companies, so we developed two unique ways for partners to make money while helping others grow.

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White-labeled solutions

Reseller partners

Bundle our solution in with your offerings or simply rebrand it and choose your mark-up price. We make it very easy to resell and white label HappyAR. We'll provide you with pricing, collateral, and everything you need to get started quickly.

Passive Revenue Opportunities

Referral and affiliate partners

We make it really easy to quickly refer a company that might be able to use HappyAR. We'll be listed on PartnerStack where you can quickly apply for our affiliate network. Once approved, tracking and payouts are fast and simple.

You've got questions, we've Got answers

Frequently asked questions about our referral and reseller programs

If you are an agency, consultant, or writer of web copy that can attract the interest of companies that send out invoices, one of our partner programs could be a great way to generate passive income easily.

We designed a very simple pricing model in order to help as many companies as possible with better invoice collections. 

We charge $99 per month for unlimited invoices and unlimited users. We designed this pricing model so that if you are able to reduce your processes and get one invoice paid faster each month, it will justify the investment.

Our pricing is month-to-month, includes all available functionality, and can be accessed by as many team members as you want.

Each white label partnership is reviewed and structured in a unique way, but white labeling with us usually involves including HappyAR technology with your existing product, rebranding the solution, and setting the rate that works best for you. You’ll be charged our standard partner rate which you can mark-up. We’ll handle the technology and support as we would with any client.

Visit our listing on PartnerStack to apply. It’s quick and easy.

This changes from time to time based on current incentives but the most recent referral amount can be found on our PartnerStack listing.

We have several types of partnerships including tech/integration partners and partnerships with accounting and bookkeeping firms. Learn more on our partnership page.

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See how we structure our pricing to get a better understanding of how a referral partnership can be lucrative for your business.

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We're committed to helping companies get their invoices paid faster. Learn about who we are and why we started HappyAR.

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