Put invoice follow-up work on autopilot.

Become an AR hero without the work.
Never get asked, "have we been paid yet?"
Eliminate past due invoices.
You get paid 50% faster.

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HappyAR is an ever-evolving toolkit that helps optimize your invoice collections process

We built HappyAR around a mission to help companies of all sizes get paid faster and more efficiently. As business owners that have launched and operated professional services companies in the past, we know first-hand how disruptive past due payments can be on cash flow and client relationships. We know how demotivating they can be for sales reps waiting on commissions. And we know how frustrating it is to hire smart finance team members just to ask them to do simple, repetitive tasks. The HappyAR platform boosts performance and changes the way we collect.

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Gain new communication visibility

Open new communication channels that work

Do you know for sure if your invoice recipient actually got the document in the first place? It could take weeks or even months to realize they aren't even there anymore or the message went to SPAM. HappyAR eliminates the guessing with better visibility and insights across communication channels.

Automate dynamic workflows

Smart, powerful sequences

Go ahead and toss those yellow sticky notes in the trash. The days of disorganized follow-ups to get paid are over. With HappyAR, you now configure proven workflows and copy, activate, and move your attention to higher value initiatives to help the business.

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Produce reports on demand

Empower the full team with rapid AR insights

HappyAR doesn't just boost the performance of your finance department. You easily set visibility access and can now allow your sales and executive team members to view the receivables process. Even collections companies and your law firm will have valuable audit trails to use for the most challenging debts.

How we help our clients

A robust collections platform, built with intelligence

Designed for rapid deployment, seamless integration, and continuous value - we weren't messing around when we first designed HappyAR and we're committed to improving it more and more as we grow with our clients.

Valuable from the start

HappyAR is free to try and costs $99/month after that. You'll get unlimited escalated invoices, unlimited users, full functionality and integration, and no contract.

Easy to use

We designed our system to be intuitive for busy company owners, finance (AR/AP) team members, sales team members, and outsourced accounting professionals.

Full visibility

No more guessing if your clients are receiving messages. Not only will you communicate on multiple channels, but you’ll also know when your notes are read.

Powerful analytics

You’ll be able to have a bird’s eye view of your entire past due invoice workload. Easily track historical performance and see what may need additional efforts.

Loaded with guidance

Benefit from an extensive library of outreach copy, best practices, and pre-built workflows crafted from our team of AR and collections experts.

Audit trail protection

When efforts are unsuccessful, easily export a detailed report of activities, opens, and responses that can be sent to legal or third-party debt resource.

Get YOUR HAPPYAR Questions answered

Frequently Asked Questions

Go ahead, ask away. Our team is more than happy to answer any questions you may have about our platform, history, support, pricing, whatever you need to know. Contact us anytime and let's discuss how we can help you with AR automation and collections optimization.

We designed a very simple pricing model in order to help as many companies as possible with better invoice collections. 

We charge $99 per month for unlimited invoices and unlimited users. We designed this pricing model so that if you are able to reduce your processes and get one invoice paid faster each month, it will justify the investment.

Our pricing is month-to-month, includes all available functionality, and can be accessed by as many team members as you want.

Yes, we work with three types of partners. Agency partners offering accounting and bookkeeping services to their clients, so they use HappyAR to boost their services, make their clients happier, and to generate a new income stream.

Referral and reseller partners promote HappyAR or a white-labeled version of our platform, to their clients for a referral payment.

Finally, our technology partners connect with HappyAR to enhance their solutions. These might include CRM, ERP, accounting, and other finance operations technologies. 

If we don’t, we probably can.  We have a growing list of pre-built integrations, Zapier connections, and an API for developers. Just holler and we’ll figure something out for you.

Not at this time. We focus on increasing the power of existing invoicing tools on the market and building strong alliances with those companies. We’re happy to make suggestions on which ones you might want to check out depending on your invoice volume and industry.

If you send ANY volume of invoices, we really really think you should use us. Past due payments might be extremely rare for you, but they are terrible for cash flow and client relationships.

You might be surprised just how much time goes into AR tasks in a month. If it’s you or a member of your team doing this work, there are far more strategic initiatives for you to focus on elsewhere. Leave the expert guidance and workflows to a company that has helped thousands.

Yes, all data is passed through an HTTPS connection, and the HappyAR database is fully encrypted.

Heck yeah! HappyAR is free for 30 days and month to month after that. If you’re a much larger company that needs an ERP integration, we’ll create a trial period so that you can feel confident that the solution is right for your team. 

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