HappyAR is a seamless SaaS that quickly and easily boosts your accounts receivables work

We save companies of all sizes thousands of dollar each year by optimizing the speed and efficiency of their collections methods. No more guessing if someone has received an invoice or trusting that it will be paid on time. This is a fully integrated solution that pays for itself over and over each month by preventing defaults and preserving client relationships.

Completely Seamless Integration

We partner with the best of the best finance technologies

HappyAR helps boost your investment in existing finance operations systems like your accounting and ERP platforms. We focus on the incredibly important part of invoice collections and make sure that we partner with other great companies.

Omni-Channel Communication

Get your requests heard better by your clients

The squeaky wheel gets the grease. This is certainly the case in accounts receivables, but we have developed better workflows and communication methods that really help strengthen client relationship while accelerating payments.

Not just for the finance team

Experience new cross-departmental value

This isn't a finance operations tool that a select few in the company care about. HappyAR is a solution that provides visibility to stakeholders that operate outside of the finance team. Business owners, investors, and sales executives all care when the money is coming in. Now they can see progress for themselves.

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Any company that sends invoices can use HappyAR. That's why we offer a simple price of $99/mo. for unlimited users and unlimited invoices.

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HappyAR started from frustration with the invoice collections process. Find out why we created this and what we stand for.

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