Agency Partners

Expand your accounting and bookkeeping firm with an effortless partnership with HappyAR

Our relationships with outsourced finance operations providers expands far beyond just using our platform. We're committed to helping agency partners grow their business. That's why we also dedicate resources that help you grow with us.

Free Agency use

Use HappyAR for your agency invoices at no cost

The invoices you send out for your professional services can be added to HappyAR workflows for free no matter what the volume is. This way you're personally seeing the value of our platform every day when payments are received faster and easier.

Flexible client use

Control the way HappyAR is used for each of your clients

• Use separate HappyAR accounts to accelerate invoice payments for each of your clients.
• We can bill you and you can bill them with a mark-up. We’ll provide help and best practices.
• We can bill the client directly and remit a referral amount to you as a partner.
• You can white label our solution under your brand name.
• Or, if you don’t manage the AR function for a client, you can simply refer us and we’ll pay you a referral fee.

Advertising and exposure

Resources to help you expand your client list

• We’ll list you as an agency partner in multiple locations online and make announcements that could help generate new business for you.
• We’ll continuously suggest that you’re included in regional events and co-branded content development.
• We’ll have a Finance Service RFP questionnaire on our website for our non-agency clients that are interested in outsourcing some or all of their finance functions. You’ll receive RFP requests that align with your location and service options and can submit bids directly to win the work.

Marketing and sales resources

Toolkits to help you generate interest

• Branded marketing collateral library for open use
• Tutorials and best practices to share with clients
• Badges and logos to show certification and to track commissions

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We have a growing collection of resources that can be used at no cost while you consider partnering with HappyAR.

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We partner with agencies of all sizes to help them help their clients with AR automation and to get invoices paid faster. Here's why we started.

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