If you operate in a high invoice volume industry, we can change the way you do business.

HappyAR is designed to handle clients that send a lot of invoices per month and operate in complex industries with unique needs. At the core of our value is our ability to seamlessly integrate to leading ERP and accounting systems. So if you're involved with AR at a company in one of these industries, we should talk. If you're not, and your volume is low, we should still get you using HappyAR starting at $0/month.


We accelerate invoice payments for finished goods, raw materials or other miscellaneous items such as repair services

Wholesale and Distribution

Focus on the inventory needs of your fast-paced wholesale company and let HappyAR help you collect money better and faster


When speed and accuracy define your business, HappyAR assists with both while helping you expand positive client relationships


Sensitive information is protected through our secure connections with leading healthcare ERP and billing systems

Professional Services

No matter how many invoices you send each month, HappyAR's scaled volume pricing model can help. We start at $0/mo.

Other B2B

Not only does HappyAR accelerate payments, we also give B2B executives and sales reps visibility into when a client is expected to pay

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Any company that sends invoices can use HappyAR. That's why we offer a simple price of $99/mo. for unlimited users and unlimited invoice escalations.

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We started HappyAR as the owners of professional services companies that were frustrated with poor AR visibility.

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