HappyAR seamlessly integrates to the best of the best FinTech to give your accounts receivables a big boost

When we identify existing technologies that can benefit from the AR automation that we offer, we jump at the opportunity to develop strong partnerships. Here is a growing list of some of the platforms that HappyAR can integrate with quickly and easily.

Strong connections for extended functionality

Benefits of system integrations

HappyAR serves a very critical role in part of the financial operations of a company. We help you collect money faster and easier. Here are some of the reasons why connecting to larger accounting and ERP systems makes sense for us, our partners, and our clients

Fast seamless connections

Our integrations are pre-built and thoroughly tested so that they are rapidly deployed at even the largest organizations

Direct feeds of invoice details

We try to remove redundant manual tasks to maximize our value. This is why your invoices are automatically available to escalate in HappyAR

Enhanced analytics

We understand how high-level metrics are critical for business decision making. Our connections expand your receivables analytics

Improved ROI

We know how much of an investment goes into finance ops technology and our volume pricing model helps to prove even more value

Better team visibility

Not only can finance leadership gain better visibility into the AR function, so can the full executive team, sales, and others

Full communication recording

The interactions that take place with the HappyAR platform are saved in the connected system for shared knowledge and compliance

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We can easily show a return on investment in your larger finance operation tech spend with our scaled volume pricing

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We built HappyAR to complement existing investments in accounting systems and ERPs. Learn about why we started.

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