Here Are Some Common Terms That Will Become More Familiar as You Start Using HappyAR for Your Company:

Here Are Some Common Terms That Will Become More Familiar as You Start Using HappyAR for Your Company:


If you’re trying out HappyAR, you’re a business that sends invoices for goods or services. Invoices are generated and sent by an accounting or invoicing platform that is connected to HappyAR. Details of the invoice – like amount, due date, recipient, and status – are shared with HappyAR to help with your collections workflow.


HappyAR Customer

If you are a B2B company, this is a client company that you do business with. If you are a B2C company, the customer could simply be the name of a person who purchases your goods or services.


This is a person that works within a customer’s organization. In HappyAR, a lot of the contacts are in finance operations, like accounts payable, but could be a company owner or other types of roles. HappyAR distinguishes contacts by primary ones and secondary ones and each contact has unique information that you can edit.


A sequence is a customizable workflow that is used to follow up on outstanding invoices with customers. HappyAR includes standard sequences to use or modify and you can build your own. Sequences include communication attempts that are triggered by pre-set times and are paused or modified by different actions by your customers. So, for example, if your sequence specifies to send an email but to pause when the contact replies back, HappyAR will do this automatically so you don’t have to set reminders. Sequences are especially helpful when you manage a large volume of invoices or handle the AR function is only one part of your job.

Message Template

message template

HappyAR includes standard email messages templates to use or modify and you can build your own. Message templates can include merge fields with different contact and invoice information to help make each message unique to the recipient.


Not all invoices will be assigned to a sequence but those that follow a HappyAR workflow are called escalations. An escalation includes a customer, contact, invoice, messages, and a sequence. An escalation is unique to a single invoice.


HappyAR is unique in that we encourage our clients to invite as many users as possible without any additional costs. We believe that accounts receivables have a huge impact on other areas of a business including sales, marketing, client relations, operations, and certainly with C-Suite decision-makers. Our system allows for administrative users that are actually sending out invoices as well as read-only users that have select visibility and functionality.

Audit Trail

audit trail

All activity in an escalation is tracked in an audit trail which can be reported on for all of your escalations. Audit Trail activities include outbound messages, notifications of message opens, and more activities. The Audit Trail can be useful for other users to see the entire progress of an escalation or for rare cases when a collection needs to go to a third party.

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